I need a room in Northwest Austin Roommate in Austin, TX

I need a room in Northwest Austin

  Type: I need a room  
  Where: Austin, TX 78758  
  Max. Rent: $600  
  Date posted: 10/07/2015 02:36  
  Move-in: 12/01/2015  
  Gender Male  
  Age 46  
  Sex'l Orientation: Straight  
  Occupation: Professional  
  Religion: Spiritual but not religious  
  Pets: No Pet  
  Smoking: No  
  Children: No  
  Private bath: Yes  

I'm looking for a temporary living arrangement (3-6 mos.) in northwest Austin preferably near 183 and 45. I will be moving to Austin and transferring my 2 jobs btw 11/15-12/01. I'm a single and very young 51 year "old" male. I enjoy working out, yoga, meditation and music. I'm a tidy person but not anal regarding cleanliness. I do quiet a bit of food prep on a daily basis and as I'm running under the gun on a regular basis, I may rinse and stack my dishes for 24 hours or so but all in all I'm very conscientious about keeping common areas cleqn and organized. Socially I pretty much keep to myself (in my space) but am not unsocial. If I do have friends over or overnight guest they'll prettty much be confined to my room. One element of coexisting with someone that is of importance to me is quiet hours btw. 12p.m. and 6a.m.. With regard to noise level, if you enjoy gaming at high decibel levels at all hour, no offense but I'll pass. Other notable things about me is that I won't be partying heavily at all especially in the residence. In addition I've leased MANY apartments in my life and have never broken a lease and have had many roomates without any magor incidents. Generally speaking I'm an easygoing, rresponsible and responsible roomate whom is searching for the same.

  Contact: Bryant Cofty  
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