I have a Room for Rent Room for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

I have a Room for Rent

  Type: I have a room  
  Where: Las Vegas, NV 89113  
  Monthly Rent: $750  
  Date posted: 04/27/2015 07:41  
  Available: 05/01/2015  
  Gender Male  
  Age 51  
  Sex'l Orientation:  
  Occupation: Professional  
  Pets: No Pet  
  Smoking: No  
  Children: No  
  Private bath: Yes  

The room I have is completely furnished 13' x 13' or 169 sq. ft. it has a walk in closet that is 6' x 5' and you also would have our own private bathroom with tub/shower. If I have company to stay over (which is rare) like maybe twice a year. They may need to share the bathroom.

How are you with pets. I have two cats and two birds. The bedroom is upstairs and the birds are in a cage downstairs so the chirping is faint when in your room.

My husband and I are both 51. We are very easy going. My husband is gone at work from 8 am until 8 pm most days. We watch tv shows on computer in bedroom at night.

We have an older couple staying in the bedroom downstairs until June. They have a dog that is only allowed downstairs. So we have a baby gate at bottom of stairs and it keeps him from going upstairs. My cats are not used to a dog so they stay in my room most of the time.

House is 3000 sq. ft. 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and is located in SW area around Patrick Ln and Buffalo. It's 2 minutes from the 215 and bus nearby.

We are asking 750.

Let me know either way.


  Contact: Dion  
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