Campus Apartments third roommate Room for Rent in Indianapolis, IN

Campus Apartments third roommate

  Type: I have a room  
  Where: Indianapolis, IN 46202  
  Monthly Rent: $300  
  Date posted: 02/25/2016 12:23  
  Available: 06/05/2016  
  Gender Female  
  Age 21  
  Sex'l Orientation: Straight  
  Pets: No Pet  
  Smoking: No  
  Private bath: No  


I'm actually the third roommate moving OUT of the apartment but my roommates are great! The only reason I'm moving out is because I'm moving back to Asia!


They are both graduate students. One is 25, the other 27.

They're both very neat and hardworking. They give you space when you need it, and talk with you and hang out with you often too! They're very considerate in listening, and are open to discussion about the apt.


I love our apartment! It's on the second floor of campus apartments in 730 w. 10th street, Indianapolis, IN. It's a two bedroom, and the two roommates are using the rooms - you will get the living room! I have been living in the living room since 2015 August and it's been great. I will be willing to sell my furnitures if you want them to help separate living room area for more privacy. We have a balcony which is great to sit on and watch the moon and it's decorated with lights. The living room area is carpeted as are all the other rooms. The only area not carpeted are the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom is in the opposite end of the apartment from you, which means you don't get any smells from the bathroom.

Right across our building, in the leasing building, there's a gym and laundry facility as well as a little computer room with a printer.


I'm willing to sell any of the furnitures with negotiation.

I have: portable closet, shelf, sofa bed.

Also I have separated my area with cloth hanging from ceiling.

  Contact: YoungJin Choi  
  Phone: 312-543-6987