I need a room or roomates! Roommate in Tampa, FL

I need a room or roomates!

  Type: I need a room  
  Where: Tampa, FL 33601  
  Max. Rent: $500  
  Date posted: 06/29/2015 09:10  
  Move-in: 09/01/2015  
  Gender Female  
  Age 21  
  Sex'l Orientation: Straight  
  Occupation: Student  
  Religion: Not Religious  
  Pets: No Pet  
  Smoking: No  
  Children: No  
  Private bath: No  

I am moving to Tampa from Duluth Minnesota and I just wanna move in with new people and start fresh. I am looking for a room or someone that wants a roommate. I am 23 years old and work full time at a restaurant and attend community college so i am normal I swear. I would prefer to live with MOSTLY female roommates uf possible :)

  Contact: Laura Duffy  
  Phone: 218-310-5981