single with dog, Room for Rent in Jacksonville, FL

single with dog,

  Type: I have a room  
  Where: Jacksonville, FL 32218  
  Monthly Rent: $0  
  Date posted: 03/27/2015 02:33  
  Available: 04/08/2015  
  Gender Female  
  Age 36  
  Sex'l Orientation: Straight  
  Occupation: Professional  
  Religion: Other  
  Pets: No Pet  
  Smoking: Outside  
  Children: No  
  Private bath: No  

Im 52 yrs old about 8 months ago i fell and broke my right arm, and later have to have sugery on it, i have allways worked, i have grown children, and grandchlidren, the come around sometimes, a dog lives with me, he looks mean, but is a big baby, i rent from a great landlord, wheni moved in, i had a boyfriend, and we broke up, i have had to apply for my temp disablity, and still waiting to here, so i have to rent a room out, my phone has been cut off, and, my house is only 2 bedroom, fenced in yard, i live on the northside, im not loud with parti es, unless you want a cook out, i get along good with people, , and the landlord has to approve of who i pick,, , Im in and out myself, but mostly home, for now,

so im leaving this number, my cousins, 904-937-4834 her cell,

  Contact: nancy jackson  
  Phone: 3974834