Looking for a room - I study in Glendale Roommate in Glendale, CA

Looking for a room - I study in Glendale

  Type: I need a room  
  Where: Glendale, CA 91505  
  Max. Rent: $750  
  Date posted: 01/19/2015 01:58  
  Move-in: 01/19/2015  
  Gender Female  
  Age 36  
  Sex'l Orientation: Straight  
  Occupation: Student  
  Religion: Hindu  
  Pets: No Pet  
  Smoking: No  
  Children: No  
  Private bath: Yes  

My name is Gizeli, I am Brazilian, 40 years old, I am a calm person, at peace with life. Like a lot of peace in my life. I'll study at Glendale Community College.

What is the full address? You can send photo site? How many people live in the studio? You podereia rent for a month?

I await contact,


Gizeli Leal.

  Contact: GIZELI  
  Phone: 55 518-410-7937