How to Apply for a Rental With a Roommate


1. Talk to your roomie-to-be before starting the application process. Find out if there's anything in your future roommate's rental history that would throw a wrench into getting approval for both of you.

2. Tell the landlord or property manager exactly how many people will be living in the property. Each of you will have to fill out a rental application.

3. Make sure each of you has all your rental history information together. This includes previous addresses, as well as phone numbers of previous landlords.

4. Fill out the paperwork completely and honestly.

5. Ask if the lease can be worded so that rental responsibilities between you and your roommate are divided. This is a legal way to protect yourself if you meet your half of the rent but your roommate doesn't. (In other words, you don't want to be responsible for the difference.)


Be sure the names of everyone living in the rental property appear on the lease. This ensures that everyone is equally responsible for paying rent and meeting any other obligations set forth in the lease.